3 Secret Flight Attendant Codes EVERYONE Should Know

There are matters that are better discussed among ourselves. Especially on a plane. What many passengers do not know: While we nap, we watch a movie or look out the window, it may happen that certain code words are mentioned. These secret words are used to avoid unduly disturbing passengers. But what do they really mean? We have selected the 3 most exciting flight attendant codes that every passenger should know.

Everyone should know these code words for the flight crew

1. “Hugo”

Unfortunately, the Hugo is not an alcoholic drink or free drinks for passengers. The code word Hugo is used by the crew when a dead passenger is on board. Stewardesses discreetly point it out to each other, without scaring or panicking the passengers. The secret code “Hugo” stands for “Human Gone”. The code words “HR” (Human Remains) and “Jim Wilson” (more common in the US) also refer to a deceased airline passenger.

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2. Documents at the last minute

Suddenly you hear the code word “Recent documents” on the plane? Then your flight will be delayed a little more. Especially if you have to catch a connecting flight, this information can be very helpful. Delays are usually related to flight plan changes, aircraft weight balancing or logbook entries, and unfortunately cannot always be avoided.

3. Cactus

Do you think of an unfriendly passenger when you hear the secret code “cactus”? Wrong thought. The Code word “Cactus” used by flight attendants to describe a dangerous situation – for example, in case of danger to life. Thus, passengers will not panic during the flight.

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