Additional Leased Aircraft: These are Condor’s Summer Serviced Lease Partners

Bulgaria twice and Lithuania and Croatia once each. This summer, Condor is counting on four charter airlines. Review.

Tourist summer is not far away. The aviation industry is also expecting a strong corona catch-up effect this summer and is preparing for the summer accordingly. Airports are hiring new staff and streamlining their processes to avoid experiencing the chaotic conditions of last summer. Airlines are increasing their capacity.

One of the easiest ways is the so-called wet leasing, that is, renting an aircraft with crew, cabin crew, maintenance and insurance for a certain period. The practice also takes advantage of the Condor airline holiday. At the request of “aeroTELEGRAPH”, the press secretary said that in the “high season” they work together with seasonal partner airlines. In total, Condor leases up to ten aircraft from partner airlines.

Condor outside and inside

This summer, the airline is counting on four different vacation partners. They come from Bulgaria, Croatia and Lithuania. “Partners are carefully selected in accordance with the strictest European guidelines and specifications,” said the spokeswoman. All vehicles must be of Condor construction and with Condor personnel. Customers will also be informed that a partner airline will be used.

Just in January, Condor canceled its rental contract with Smartlynx after strong criticism from travelers. Passengers complained about delays, damaged and immobile seats, as well as lack of English and communication problems between the crew. Despite events in January, Smartlynx was not planned as a short- and medium-haul partner this summer, the spokeswoman continued.

European Air Charter in Frankfurt

At its home airport in Frankfurt, the airline relies on the support of the Bulgarian airline European Air Charter. The airline operates ten Airbus A320s and six McDonnell Douglas MD-83s. Condor announces that it will lease up to three Airbus A320s from the Bulgarian airline.

In Dusseldorf, Condor relies on the services of the still young Heston Airlines from Lithuania. The airline, which was only founded in 2021, is part of the Heston Aviation Group based in Brisbane, Australia. The fleet consists of eight aircraft, five A320s and three A330s. Condor leases up to two Airbus A320s and one A330, the airline told Aerotelegraph.

Sister Sandair from Dusseldorf

In addition to Heston, Flyair41, a subsidiary of the German company Sundair, also flies for Condor from Düsseldorf. A Sundair spokesperson confirms this to aeroTELEGRAPH: “There are two A320s from Dusseldorf.” Flyair41 was founded in 2021. Zagreb Airline operates flights for Sundair.

Condor Airlines operates Bulgaria Air flights from Stuttgart. The airline was declared the national airline of Bulgaria in 2002 and today operates seven A320 Family aircraft and four Embraer E190s. The German holiday airline is counting on two Airbus A320s from the Sofia-based airline, according to Condor.

More than 50 machines

This will increase Condor’s fleet to more than 50 aircraft this summer. In addition to about 40 of its own machines, the airline relies on ten leased planes.

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