Balearic Islands: Ibiza is an island for any type of holiday

Ob on a girls’ weekend, bachelor party or family holiday – in Ibiza everyone gets their money’s worth. why? Because the island is relaxed and happy, almost everything participates or offers. Hardly anywhere else old and new hippies, super rich and techno fans can live so peacefully side by side and even with each other. We offer several islands for every taste.

For fans of the sun: the most beautiful beaches

Anyone looking for a beach vacation with clear water and turquoise blue bays will love the beaches of Ibiza. About four kilometers from the city of Ibiza is Playa den Bossa, lined with many bars and restaurants.

Many clubs invite you to relax and sunbathe on comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas. For the active, there is plenty of entertainment such as jet skiing or banana boat rides, while those looking to get in the mood for a club night can listen to background music with DJs providing a relaxed atmosphere.

From Cala Conte you can see small sea islands

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The situation is similar in Cala Comte, a 15-minute drive from San Antonio. Sunbathers can look out over the offshore islands of Canillero and S’Espartar while sipping sangria from comfortable deck chairs.

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There are many restaurants big and small, so there is always something going on. If that’s too much hustle and bustle for you, you can walk across the cliffs to a smaller beach at Cala Escondido. Nudist bathing is also possible there.

Ibiza: The beach at Cala Salada is also popular with locals

The beach at Cala Salado is also popular with locals

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Popular with locals, Cala Salado Bay is much quieter and is about a 15-minute drive from San Antonio. It is surrounded by hills covered with pine forest, turquoise water beckons for scuba diving. For those who like a more contemplative, you can drive to Es Nieuw Blau beach. Between Santa Eulalia and Es Cana lies a quiet, pine-lined beach with lovely walks to Cala Martina Bay.

For sports lovers: rowing, diving, hiking and yoga

Ibiza has a number of local providers with programs for the more adventurous. In a special organizer Sup Paradise you can, for example, book guided paddling excursions to remote bays or through Ibiza’s cave landscape.

If you don't know how to dive yet, you can learn it in Ibiza

If you don’t know how to dive yet, you have the opportunity to learn it in Ibiza

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If you want to explore what can be seen under the clear surface of the water, you can book a diving course at Scuba Ibiza Diving Center near Ibiza town. Special courses such as underwater photography or wreck diving are part of the program, as is obtaining a diving license.

Tourists can come Ibiza Outdoors/Ibiza Walks take a guided hike to particularly beautiful stretches of coast, hidden beaches, or into the lesser-known hinterland to the remains of Moorish settlements. There are also former hippie caves with imaginative paintings or bubbling springs.

Ibiza: the island invites you to beautiful hikes - accompanied by a guide or alone

The island invites you to beautiful hikes – both with a guide and alone

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Wander-Gaby offers sunrise hikes in an almost magical light on Facebook in In small groups, the Ibiza connoisseur guides his guests through the hills and valleys and, above all, to fantastic vantage points.

Morning yoga at Cala Sol Den Serra is quieter. The Amante Restaurant offers yoga classes on the beach with the sound of the sea on several days from nine in the morning followed by breakfast.

For romantics: Ibiza sunset spots

Although it is the same game every night, it never loses its appeal: the sunset over the sea and the blue hour of the day before. Ibiza wouldn’t be Ibiza if there weren’t special places for those special hours.

For example, the grandmother of all sunset bars, this “Coffee of the sea” in Callo de Mora Bay, which has made San Antonio’s rocky shore the No. 1 sunset destination with its distinctive architecture and relaxed atmosphere. If you want to take the feeling of relaxation home with you, buy a CD and dream of returning to the island in rush hour at home.


“Café del Mar” in the bay of Callo des Moras is the most famous meeting place to admire the sunset together

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At Benirras Beach, visitors can enjoy beautiful sunsets. This explains the many yachts anchored in the bay. Farewell to the sun is accompanied by various drum sessions that take place every day except Sunday.

This is another “pillar” of the evening and night life of Ibiza Cafe Mambo on the Sunset Strip in San Antonio. Magical sunsets are accompanied by the sounds of DJs on their mixers. So the affectionate magic could go on forever if the party didn’t really start at some point. Because “Café Mambo” sees itself as a sunset and pre-party place.

The island’s landmark, the small rock of Es Vedra, is much quieter, especially as the sun sinks into the sea. The sight also briefly leaves the chatterers speechless.

For the party-goers: party in the clubs

They say there are visitors to Ibiza who never see the sun. They go to the white island for world-famous parties and DJs. This is undeniably the mother of all clubs Pacha. And so for 50 years. The parties (not exactly cheap) at the former finca in the Talamanca area usually start at sunset and end at sunrise.

Ibiza: at

At “Pachi” they like to party all night

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This is another, much younger veteran of luxury clubs Ushuaia Ibiza in Playa Den Bossa. Avid clubbers can comfortably rest their heads in a nearby hotel a few hours before the next party. The parties start in the afternoon and usually end before midnight. Perfect for transitioning to the next location.

More tips for vacationing in the Balearic Islands:

Open sea boat club tours are also popular. Most party boats depart from San Antonio and Playa Den Bossa. They vary in musical style and route, and drinks are usually included.

Partygoers can cruise and celebrate in style on an Ibiza Boat Club catamaran. In addition to trips to the party, the organizer also offers trips to Formentera. Of course, alcohol and music will also be provided.

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