BusinessBike donates bikes to non-profit organizations

Business bike, one of Germany’s largest company bike leasing providers, is donating a total of 50 used company bikes to the non-profit organizations IG Mühle for Stolberg and Lebenshilfe Neustadt an der Aisch – Bad Windsheim. Donating a bicycle is part of BusinessBike’s sustainability concept. With concrete measures to be implemented by 2024, the leasing specialist wants to simplify the availability of emission-free mobility solutions and support sustainable cycling and health initiatives. In line with the company’s CSR pledge, the BusinessBike is CO₂-neutral from 2022 and contributes to the protection, preservation and care of forests in Germany with every new leased bike from the company.


Rolf HoeringManaging Director of BusinessBike: “Our vision is to contribute to the challenges of tomorrow by making the bicycle easily accessible to as many people as possible as an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative. With the CSR pledge, we have identified parts of our corporate responsibility to our employees, society and the environment as annual goals until 2024 to make our contribution transparent to partner companies, customers and the interested public.”

In 2022, the leasing specialist has already achieved a number of important milestones on the way to a more sustainable future, such as operating completely CO₂-free, collaborating with Bergwaldprojekt eV to plant and care for local tree species, or supporting a local school in installing a Mountainbike AG.

“We are proud to be able to support IG Mühle für Stolberg and Lebenshilfe Neustadt an der Aisch by donating a total of 50 service bicycles in their excellent work.”

BusinessBike donates 40 bicycles to IG Mühle für Stolberg eV

“Let’s be a part of something good together”says Ulfig’s feelingmanaging director of IG Mühle.

Interest group Mühle für Stolberg e. V. has been supporting the victims since the first day of the flood on July 14 and 15, 2021. The support center located in Stolberg coordinates, among other things, cleaning campaigns, clothing and furniture donations with 13 permanent club members and many volunteers. More information about IG Mühle für Stolberg e. V. see below

Another ten donated bicycles go to Lebenshilfe Neustadt an der Aisch – Bad Windsheim eV

“The bicycle is a popular form of transport in our homes. Both residents and our staff enjoy using bicycles for sightseeing, shopping and errands. That’s why we’re delighted with BusinessBike’s generous donation, which expands our fleet.”says the chairman of Lebenshilfe in the district of Neustadt an der Eisch – Bad Windsheim, Hans Herold.

MdL. Founded in 1968 as an association of parents, relatives and friends of people with intellectual disabilities, Lebenshilfe Neustadt an der Aisch – Bad Windsheim eV is an association of people with disabilities, their relatives, experts and sponsors for the active and dedicated representation of the interests of people with intellectual disabilities . The association promotes people with disabilities of all ages and supports their participation in public life.
You can find more information about Neustadt an der Aisch – Bad Windsheim eV

Delivery of BusinessBike bicycles to Lebenshilfe Neustadt an der Aisch – Bad Windsheim eV; Image: BusinessBike

As a pioneer in providing emission-free mobility for its customers, society and the environment, BusinessBike would like to contribute to solving the challenges of the times with its commitment to sustainable development. To this end, the leasing provider presents a sustainable development concept that includes, among other things, improving the availability of zero-mobility solutions, specific targets to further reduce CO₂ emissions and the promotion of an integrative and diverse corporate culture. The goal is to invest together with employees and business partners in the sustainable development of the core business and support local projects to create a better world for future generations.

The CSR pledge must be fulfilled by 2024 and the mobility specialist will be transparent about progress to report

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