Compelling Benefits: 5 Ideas for Loyal Employees

Rest – time for personal affairs

Time is the most valuable commodity for many people. However, flexible working hours models are no longer a sufficient advantage, but have become more of a standard. Sabbath rest, on the other hand, is not self-evident. This means a longer break from working life. And although this year is also called a sabbatical year, it does not necessarily have to be a whole year. Shorter terms are also allowed – agreements can be concluded individually. Depending on what is possible for employers.

  • One of the financing options distribute wages among workers.
  • Wages are paid at a preferential rate during an agreed period of time with unchanged working days.
  • Depending on the length of the creative leave, this may be covered financially.
  • But also alone fully funded employers or matched grants are alternatives.

one thing can be said for sure: With good planning, vacation is a win-win situation for both employer and employee. But it also requires a certain level of trust between both parties: while employees need to be sure that the vacation will be successful and that there will be no spontaneous changes on the part of the company, employers need to be sure that team members will be available again after the vacation.

Non-taxable allowances in kind

With the so-called benefits in kind, employers make small cash infusions to their employees. This is a material benefit that employees receive in kind. benefits in kind up to 50 euros per month tax-free, so employees benefit from it 1:1 – for example, they can fill up with gas or shop in the region. If the amount is provided as a loan for services or goods, then there are no additional payments for employers either.

  • There are many service providers in the market that make it easy to arrange or administer tax-free employee benefits.
  • Some of them work with Cards in credit card formatwhich employees can use to pay with their credit at participating stores.
  • Others already offer completely digital couponswhich employees conveniently repay via smartphone.

Provider Belonio allows attractive benefits in kind even a combination of card and digital vouchers for added variety of use. In addition to the setup fee, there is a monthly processing fee that saves time.

Workations – work and pleasure together

In addition to working at home, so-called jobs are moving up the popularity scale of preferences. The mixture is off Work (Work) and recreation (Vacation) provides even more flexibility. Away from the desk, employees work in a location of their choice. It can be overseas, but it doesn’t have to be. Working in beautiful places can inspire creativity and enable travel that would otherwise be impossible.

  • As with the Sabbath book, there is one here as well trust agreement it is important that both parties get their money.
    Next to working hours respectively possible outcomes it is also important to specify how to deal with costs.
    Finally go on a different journey Expenses such as food and accommodation together.

The 4-day week is an underrated advantage for companies

The shortened work week is increasingly becoming a model for increased productivity. Accordingly, many companies present the 4-day week as a major benefit for improving quality of life. Several studies show that this solution can be a real win for businesses and their employees.

  • Including international 4 Day Week Global Nonprofit Community Research.
  • The big test took place in 2022 for six months in several countries.
  • About 1,000 employees from 33 companies participated in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the USA.
  • According to a pilot project, a 4-day week leads to higher productivity and sales with fewer working hours.
  • Workers worked 32 hours a week and were paid the same wages as they were before the study began.
  • At the same time, employees suffered from less stress and anxiety, and fewer sick days were accrued.

Work bikes – more movement and fresh air

Cycling not only improves health, but also relieves the ecosystem. In connection with raising awareness about resilience and health promotion corporate bikes are becoming increasingly popular. These work bikes can easily be rented out to companies and remain their property. Staff can then use the bikes as needed. Partly just for commuting or also for private cycling tours in your free time.

The financing model often assumes that the lease rate of the bike is partially included in the monthly salary. through tax benefits for this deferred compensation save employees compared to buying a classic bike. The employer includes a Framework lease agreement with the provider of your choice. There are also several service bike suppliers in the sector. Well-known ones are, for example, JobRad, Eurorad, BusinessBike and Bikeleasing.

It is also interesting: financial assistance pleases every employee

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