Crypto-Art / NFT / Digitalart: Street Art / Graffiti abstract Makro Ballonclips

While looking for a new item, I spotted some attractive balloon clips.
I thought this would be another exciting abstract motif for street art.

There was a problem with the interesting display of balloon clips.

Worked out different heights, distances, and places to clip the balloons with the bulb. Tried with different viewing directions and parts of the balloon clips. Then, using macro settings, Dutch Angle photographed the balloon clips abstractly.

Then the conflict of representation of the abstract macro shot. Show everything clear or sharp/blurry.
Photo in digital processing.
The digital editing process shows that I am on a positive path.
The end result is a digital abstract Crypto-Art macro painting that I’m happy with.

Went one step further with my dream photo to be included in the NFT Superrare Online Gallery.

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