Dean’s Women’s Pilgrimage to the Hart – Zillertaler Zeitung

The pilgrimage of the Catholic women’s movement led to the parish church in Hart during Lent.

About 80 women accepted the invitation from almost every country in the Deanery. After the rosary together, the pilgrims celebrated Holy Mass with Pastor Prossegger. The Harter Choir provided music for the service. The liturgy was all about the World Day of Prayer this year with the motto “Faith moves!” In the sermon, our pastor referred to this topic very sensitively. Yes, faith can move many things: eg. B… prompted us to make this pilgrimage and together we set a sign of faith.

In this case, faith can do something else important: it creates community! He also talked about three famous women who were driven by their faith to protect others: German nun Leah Ackermann, Tyrolean Dr. Anna Dengel and of course Mother Teresa. Man should deal more often with his faith, because faith does not move alone, faith STRENGTHENS. With this in mind, the pilgrims set off together!

Finally, the coffee and cake social at Hotel Hoppet was a must. At this point, a hearty blessing to all who contributed to this beautiful afternoon. Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter!

Angelika Schellhorn, regional manager of kfb

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