Eight game suspension: Mitrovic is severely punished after pushing

Fulham FC’s triple red in the FA Cup quarter-finals 1:3 at Manchester United in mid-March has a consequence. The FA installed sensitive locks.

Excessively aggressive behaviour: Aleksandar Mitrovic is shown a red card by referee Christopher Kavanagh (left).


Star striker Aleksandar Mitrovic and manager Marco Silva of Premier League club Fulham have been heavily punished after being upset during a match on March 19. Mitrovic was suspended for eight matches after being sent off for a tackle on referee Christopher Kavanagh; a suspension that also applies to the Premier League, in which the Serbian international has scored the most goals for the Cottagers with eleven goals to date. Silva has to miss two games.

The association also imposed fines: Silva had to pay £40,000 (currently around €45,600) and Mitrovic even £75,000 (around €85,400). In addition, Fulham FC as a club were fined a further £40,000 for the misconduct of their players.

Mitrovic first gave the Londoners the lead in the match against the Red Devils. After a red card for teammate Willian, who spoiled a chance on the line, Mitrovic grabbed the referee by the arm and also pushed him. On the touchline, Silva had obviously insulted the referee and the fourth official beforehand. In the end, Man United won the match 3-1.

Mitrovic and Silva apologized to Judge Kavanagh for their behavior last week.

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