Electric bikes are often still too expensive

New statistics reveal that almost one in four Germans are thinking about buying an electric bike, but two-thirds of them think it’s too expensive. Upway, the company that commissioned the representative survey, offers an alternative for high acquisition costs.

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There is interest in e-bikes, but the price is often too high

A representative survey was commissioned by YouGov Deutschland GmbH Up took place and included 2108 participants. The purpose of the survey was to find out how many people are considering purchasing an e-bike, why and what prevents them from purchasing one.

45% of the respondents can imagine that the e-bike can completely or at least partially replace the car. 22% of respondents are even considering buying an electric bike. Electric bikes are very popular mainly because of their long range and leisure use. Just over a quarter of all respondents also said that using an e-bike offsets high fuel costs.

But above all, the high cost of acquisition deters interested parties from purchasing an e-bike. In Germany, the average price for a new e-bike is about 3,680 euros, but for many, this price is beyond the budget. On the other hand, 34% of those ready to buy said they would buy for less than €1,000 to a maximum of €2,000.

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Refurbished Upway e-bikes

To some extent, Upway passes its own survey, because the supplier can at least meet the demand for a lower purchase price to some extent. In Art Shop by Upway some e-bikes can be bought for much less than the original price. Although the models are used there, they have been checked and overhauled by specialists. Upway also offers a warranty on the e-bikes offered in the store.

Refurbished e-bikes are only available in Germany from June 2022. All electric bikes are fully refurbished in Berlin in 20 steps and then sold with a 1-year warranty. Currently enabled Upway.de over 1000 e-bikes listed. The range of used bikes ranges from trekking and mountain bikes to city and cargo e-bikes. The average price is about 2000 euros.

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Bicycles are also declared transparently in the store: in addition to the usual technical data, the year of manufacture, mileage and condition information are indicated. Upway now offers refurbished e-bikes in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and soon in the USA. But the store is not only suitable for buying e-bikes. This too Sell it’s possible in a few steps on Upway.

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