For Peanut Butter Day: Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie

To celebrate this day, we have a special recipe for you. If you’re also a true peanut butter fan, then you probably won’t want to indulge in anything else peanut butter today. A very popular peanut butter recipe is the Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie. For breakfast, during a break or after sports – it always works. You can find out how easy it is to make in the recipe card below.

Already knew? Not only does peanut butter taste great, it’s an absolute superfood. Whoever thinks that it is not very useful and fattening is mistaken. Here are ten facts you should know about peanut butter:

10 interesting facts about Erdnussbutter

  1. Fact: It strengthens your immune system. It may seem strange at first, but it has been proven. After all, peanuts contain a large proportion of vitamin E, which contributes to the production of antibodies.
  2. Fact: She is a protein bomb. If you are an avid athlete, then peanut butter will come in handy in this area as well. Natural protein helps to build muscle mass, and also helps the regeneration of sick muscles.
  3. Fact: It fills you up for a long time. Due to the high amount of fiber found in peanut butter, it takes a long time for the body to digest and thus protects you from food cravings. Of course, it also helps the diet.
  4. Fact: It contains healthy fat. For most people, the word “fat” immediately triggers an alarm. Don’t worry about the peanut butter though. It contains unsaturated fatty acids that do not stick to the walls of blood vessels and are therefore completely harmless. Healthy fats are part of a balanced diet.
  5. Fact: She calms the nerves. Have you noticed that as soon as you eat peanut butter, you become more relaxed? This is not only because you satisfy your cravings, but also because it contains vitamin E. It is known to protect the body from oxidative stress.
  6. Fact: It maintains electrolyte balance. Both potassium and magnesium are important components of electrolyte balance, which is responsible for regulating fluid balance.
  7. Fact: It is an excellent supplier of arginine. Arginine is an amino acid and supports important processes in the body from cardiovascular function to cell growth.
  8. Fact: It helps with muscle cramps. Due to its high magnesium content, peanut butter can relieve cramps and have a preventive effect.
  9. Fact: It’s good if you’re sick. Of course, the snack factor also plays a major role here. But it’s actually anti-inflammatory because of its magnesium content and can therefore speed up healing.
  10. Fact: It reduces the risk of diabetes. Thanks to its healthy fats and magnesium, it helps prevent type 2 diabetes. They stabilize the balance of insulin and have a positive effect on the level of lipids in the blood.

Of course, these facts only apply to high-quality organic peanut butter.

Peanut recipe ideas to follow

If you’ve whetted your appetite and want to try peanut butter dishes in addition to the legendary banana peanut butter cocktail, pay attention to the following recipes:

As a dip and sauce, we also highly recommend our delicious Asian Peanut Sauce – it just tastes amazing. We will tell you how easy it is to prepare them.

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For Peanut Butter Day: Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie


Attention true peanut butter fans: You can’t miss this creamy shake. It consists of the best ingredients and is quick to prepare.


  1. First, peel the banana and cut it into small pieces, then put it in a bowl. Tip: If you want to enjoy your smoothie very cold, you can also use a frozen banana.

  2. Then mix two and a half tablespoons of peanut butter with milk. Then add to the bowl with the banana.

  3. Then add 1.5 teaspoons of rolled oats and honey to a bowl and mix the ingredients into a smoothie.

  4. Pour the smoothie into a glass. Chop the peanuts. Garnish the shake with the remaining rolled oats, peanuts and the rest of the peanut butter.

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