Hamburg: this will be the weather for Easter

The weather in the Hanseatic city has been the best for the past few days. But will this weather trend continue over the Easter weekend? Prospects for Hamburg in the coming days.

The good news: Nothing seems to be stopping the Easter egg hunt in the sunshine this year. According to weather expert Frank Böttcher, Hamburgers will have mostly sunny and dry weather on Sunday and Monday.

Although forecasters are expecting some light rain on Saturday, it will taper off again over the weekend.

Weather in Hamburg: This will be Good Friday

According to weather expert Frank Boettcher, Good Friday marks the perfect start to the Easter holidays with up to 10 hours of sunshine and 11 degrees.

Hamburg: This will be the weather for the weekend

“It’s better to use waterproof Easter egg paint on Saturday,” advises weather expert Frank Bötcher. It is still cloudy with rain in Hamburg. The temperature is kept constant up to 10 degrees.

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Also on Easter Sunday, the sky is initially cloudy in the morning. However, during the day, according to the forecaster, it will be much friendlier – up to 14 degrees.

Weather in the city of Hamburg next week

Easter Monday provides everything for a nice party and brings up to 7 hours of sunshine and 17 degrees for the people of Hamburg.

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So: out the door. The wind is especially favorable for those who want to go to the Easter bonfire this year. According to forecaster Frank Bötcher, there will be mostly no wind. He who has secured himself a good place by the fire must not constantly avoid the billows of smoke. (mp)

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