Here’s how you can save 40% on e-bikes

Anyone who goes to work on an e-bike benefits not only the environment, but also their own wallet. This is especially true if the e-bike is not purchased, but rented as a business. Business bike is an e-bike leasing provider where employees can save big. And it’s not even difficult.

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BusinessBike allows you to lease the bike of your dreams

If you want to lease your e-bike through BusinessBike, you will Not tied to any particular model or manufacturer. Commuters get their commuter bike, which is primarily equipped for commuting. But even those who prefer a little more active movement can choose the bike of their dreams: E-Mountainbikes or E-Gravelbikes can be rented as well Everyday electric bikes or touring bikes with motor support. BusinessBike has no dealer loyalty and no restrictions on the choice of e-bike. You can even rent a few bikes.

I Lasten-E-Bikes for a big week’s shopping trip or a trip with the family from E-bike leasing with BusinessBike not excluded. That is why leasing e-bikes from employers and BusinessBike is interesting for all employees.

Business bike for adventure - eBikeNews
Not just for commuting: gravel and mountain e-bikes can also be rented from employers.

Here’s how you save money with BusinessBike

Leasing an e-bike with BusinessBike is in no way inferior to a private purchase – quite the opposite. Eventually, you will receive your e-bike from your employer Much cheaper than buying privately and don’t have to deal with all the acquisition costs at once.

Leasing an e-bike through your work is not the same as buying on installments. When buying in installments, you usually pay extra, but when you lease for work, you get a profit. This is possible because your The e-bike counts as part of your salary will, but you don’t have to pay the full tax, just 0.25 percent of the list price. That’s a lot less than you’ll have to give up when the matching earnings end up in your account. If your employer offers you an e-bike as a bonus in addition to your salary, you should even take it do not pay taxes at all. Your employer pays the leasing rate in full.

You and your employer decide whether you will receive an e-bike as a salary bonus or convert part of your salary. One thing is for sure, you end up paying a lot less tax. So you can save up to 40 percent when leasing an e-bike through BusinessBike compared to buying privately.

Service and insurance: a rate that can do it all

However, when leasing through BusinessBike, not only the e-bike itself is considered. Your e-bike is optional insured – without deductible. If your bike is stolen or damaged, you’re well covered, even including a new bike cover. That way, you don’t have to worry about your new e-bike as long as you don’t handle it carelessly and properly secure it against theft.

So that you can use your e-bike for a long time, The service is enabled. Depending on the volume you choose, you have a budget for repairs, maintenance and more. The Financial benefits for employees when leasing bicycles through BusinessBike you can’t give up right away: your e-bike is cheaper, safer and stays in better condition. I after 36 months you can simply decide to buy a new bike.

Rent an electronic cargo bike - eBikeNews
Too expensive to buy privately: If you get a cargo e-bike from an employer, you’ll save a lot of money and you’ll be insured too.

Your dream e-bike is just a few steps away

But something also jumps out for employers: fit and satisfied employees. When employees have more money at their disposal and can fulfill their dream of owning their own e-bike, this is certainly well received by the workforce. Employees who cycle more often also potentially lead healthier lifestyles and are less likely to be absent. It is not uncommon for employees to commute to work on an e-bike start the working day cheerful and motivated.

Effort, on the other hand, is low: your employer conclude a framework agreement online in just a few clicks and you and your colleagues can get a leasing offer yourself on the portal. If your employer then enables “quick start”, you can choose the bike of your dreams directly online or stationary within the framework conditions defined by your company. Your dealer places an offer on the BusinessBike portal, you easily confirm it, for example on your smartphone, and after confirmation you can take your new e-bike with you – the monthly rate will be deducted from your salary or as a bonus.

All you need is this “okay” from your employer. But what do they have to lose? If your company is not yet a BusinessBike partner, now is the time: you can find all the information at – Here you can also download an information package to give to your superiors. Your employer can also create the foundation for a happy and well-rounded workforce here in just a few clicks. Just talk to him!

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