Honbike Uni4 designer e-bike with discount

The Honbike Uni4, which we were able to ride at Eurobike 2022, is designed for riders with high design standards. Minimalism and an asymmetric frame characterize the Honbike Uni4: the e-bike looks as if the designers drew it without removing the initiative from paper. Santa’s house is like an e-bike, so to speak. Honbike is already bringing the gifts because the e-bike is now available at a decent discount.

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Save a lot of money thanks to an exclusive discount

If you choose it Urban e-bike with a belt drive inspire you, you should not take too long. You have until November 1, 2022 to purchase the Honbike Uni4 save 160 euros. All you need to do when ordering through the online store is this Discount code “ebikenews” clarify. Instead of €1,699, you pay just €1,539 for an e-bike, making it easy for you to start a conversation with others.

white honbike u4

If you can find a friend, or perhaps your partner, who raves about the Honbike Uni4, the savings potential is even greater. If you have two motorcycles in your Honbike Shop cart, then Savings of a whopping 420 euros. For this you use when ordering in the webshop Coupon code “ebikenewsde”. Instead of 3,398 euros for two city e-bikes, you will pay only 2,978 euros. The Thus, the price per wheel drops to just 1,489 euros.

Simple design and unique control experience

You can choose Honbike 4 in white or black order. In any case, attention is drawn not only to the asymmetry of the frame. Also six large spokes of the impeller and also to the rear wheel axle continuous tube it’s something for design lovers.

black honbike u4

Once you get used to the slightly different experience of driving a 250 watt motor, you don’t need to stop so quickly. According to the manufacturer, this is enough The battery has a capacity of 432 watt-hours about 100 kilometers. In addition to your driving style, driving mode settings also affect range. You have a choice between Eco, City and Sport levels. Disc brakes provide the necessary safety for an electric city bike that weighs about 20 kilograms. According to the Honbike webshop, both Honbike Uni4 models are currently available and ready to ship within three days.

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