How music becomes the center of the game

For most of us, music is a constant companion in our daily lives. At work, during sports or during recreation, music is part of all spheres of life and situations. It’s no different when it comes to gaming, as the world of gaming has long been inspired by music and musicians from around the world to create brand new unique gaming experiences.

While many games only play music in the background, others have made music the centerpiece of the game. Whether you’re playing online slots with rock legends, showing off your tact on your smartphone, or becoming a rock star yourself with a controller, music is at the heart of the action in these titles.

Music on drums online slots

Music and musicians inspire game developers of all genres and have long shaped the world of casino gaming. Online casinos offer a wide selection online Slots ready to bring a wide variety of worlds and themes to the drums. It has everything from movies and series to fantasy worlds and bygone eras. The world of music has also been here for a long time. With the online slot machine Kiss Reel of Rock, the legendary rockers of the group Kiss appear in the game. The painted faces of the musicians become symbols on the drums, and in the background a large stage with the audience creates a concert atmosphere. The game’s soundtrack uses the band’s hits to bring the rockers to the fore in the world of classic games. Other slots, such as the Banana Rock slot, have also used music as a theme. However, this time the drums are played by monkeys with musical instruments. Online slots offer something for every type of player with a huge range of worlds and themes, and the variety of music themed slots also caters to music fans.

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On mobile phone in time

Smartphones are getting better and better these days and with their large displays are now perfect for gaming on the go. Whether it’s playing slot machines online or jumping into battle in AAA video games, almost anything is now possible on the go. With the right headphones, you can immerse yourself in the world of the game in the bus, park and cafe. Among music lovers, one genre of mobile games has become particularly popular: rhythm games. For such games as beatx and Dima puts the rhythm of the music at the heart of the gameplay. The point here is to stay in rhythm and click on the appropriate buttons or tiles at the right moment. Only those who feel music and have rhythm in their blood can achieve a high score here. The touch screen is especially well suited for this type of game, which makes rhythm games on smartphones extremely popular.

On a virtual stage with a plastic guitar

But music doesn’t just provide a unique gaming experience on a mobile device, because rhythm lovers also get their money’s worth on consoles. An absolute classic of music games is Guitar Hero. The first game in the famous series was released in 2005 and turned gamers into real rock stars in their living rooms. Featuring a plastic guitar with buttons instead of strings, Guitar Hero simulates the feeling of being a real rock star like no other game. Similar to rhythm games on a smartphone, the goal here is to press the right button on the guitar controller at the right moment – this is also possible without a guitar on a regular controller. With different versions of the game, such as Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, players can virtually step into the shoes of their favorite rock stars themselves. The Game Rock Band went even further, allowing four players to rock together on stage and play guitar, bass and drums. Here, the existence of a rock star becomes possible virtually in the game.

Games wouldn’t be half as good without music, and for music fans, these titles make for a particularly immersive gaming experience with their unique gameplay. From online slots featuring rock legends to mobile rhythm games and console games with guitar-shaped controllers, the world of music games is vast and there’s something for everyone. Music is the focus here.

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