Is an e-bike too expensive? Business Bicycle Leasing is the remedy!


Is an e-bike too expensive? Business Bicycle Leasing is the remedy!

To save money, we recommend renting your own e-bike.

Was it E-Bike-Leasing?

Although e-bikes are popular these days, they are also expensive to purchase. In 2022, a new e-bike will cost an average of 3,500 euros on the bicycle market. And if you also want to ride a bike in the countryside with your partner, know that the fun together means double the fun, but also double the purchase cost.

This is where the leasing model helps. The two-wheeler is not bought, but only used for a limited time for a monthly fee. All vendors in the test have a 36-month term. The employer calculates the leasing rate from the gross salary, so the net load is much lower. In addition, the tax burden on private travel is very low at just 0.25 percent of the new value.

If you want to buy your e-bike at the end of the leasing contract, you can do so on attractive terms. Depending on the supplier, the residual value of the bike is between 15 and 18 percent of the original gross purchase price. Tax differences are borne by the leasing provider. Experts estimate that by 2023, 50% of all new electric bicycles will be leased. However, leasing is possible not only for e-bikes, but also, for example, for classic trekking bikes without an electric drive.

Business bicycle leasing: what are the costs for employers?

Advantages of leasing

  • The high financial burden is spread over 36 monthly payments
  • Due to the tax advantage over the salary of the ox, the actual financial costs are significantly reduced
  • At the end of the leasing period, an electric bike can usually be obtained at a very attractive price (15 to 18 percent of the new price).
  • Leasing contracts often include an attractive package of services, including repair and theft and vandalism insurance packages, e.g.
  • Accessories such as lighting, lock, child seat and so on can be integrated into the lease
What are the benefits of leasing company bikes for employees?

E-Bike Leasing Comparison 2023

In a comparison by cycling magazine Velomotion, the most important e-bike leasing providers are: Bicycle leasing services, business bikes, Eurorad, Eleasa, Jobrad, Kazenmaier, Lease a Bike and Mein Dienstrad. Compare rates for leasing and maintenance, as well as insurance and maintenance for a bike with a selling price of €4,000 and €6,000.

The following tables show the cost of a €4000 e-bike, for full Velomotion test results please follow the link at the end of the text.

The expenses shown are installments that are deducted from the gross salary. The actual net load depends on other individual factors such as federal land, tax bracket, child support and so on.

Monthly usage costs (before salary conversion)

Monthly expenses consist of the leasing rate, insurance rate and service charge. The comparison is based on the best possible service package as it is also the most frequently booked and recommended.

Total price per use without / with purchase (before earnings conversion)

The total price consists of a lease fee for a 36-month usage period. If the two-wheeler is collected at the end, the additional costs are included in the total cost in the second table.

Important: compensation for wear and tear

When it comes to services, providers vary widely in terms of wear and tear compensation, both in terms of volume and when they start. Check the fine print here.

Only three providers offer unlimited wear and tear coverage during the three-year leasing period: Eurorad, Lease a Bike and Mein Dienstrad.

But only one, Jobrad, insists on a small damage limit of €60. There is a great temptation not to carry out the necessary maintenance at a specialist workshop. Which is important for an employer who has to make sure that his employees are always on flawless bikes.

Brand leasing of bicycles for companies

Do you want to offer your employees company bike leasing? We will be happy to advise you and plan an individual solution together.

And the winner…

When it comes to leasing rates, the differences between providers are quite small. However, if you want to get the e-bike at the end of the lease period, you will notice some obvious differences. With a €4,000 e-bike, there is a whopping €410 difference between the cheapest Eurorad supplier and the most expensive Business-Bike supplier.

In the general comparison, “Eurorad” shows the best services and value. A partner of around 5,000 specialist dealers offers the most comprehensive insurance without limit or excess, as well as very good service.

Calculation example for a purchase price of 6,000 euros.

Click here for a full 2023 e-bike leasing comparison on Velomotion.

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