Jill Lange shoots hard against Dieter Bohlen and DSDS again

Jill Lange (22) does not leave good hair Dieter Bohlen (69)! The reality TV star had applied for the current edition of DSDS and received bad remarks from the pop titan during casting. The action degenerated into an embarrassing gate that made headlines for weeks. But it should not improve during the season either: the 69-year-old continued to knock down the contenders. Jill is completely taken aback – and is now properly venting against Bohlen and his show…

I am Bildinterview, the 22-year-old, who had managed to remember, gave free rein to her anger: “I find this very, very sad DSDS it does not represent any moral concept. A lot has happened in this year’s season, from which no consequences have been drawn. People were beaten, humiliated and exposed in public,” he said Jill. Behind this show are people who are eager for success and do not care about the welfare of some candidates”.

that DSDS has continued contrary to the original plan – with Dieter – is for Jill incomprehensible: “To me it is completely wrong that you are now behaving as if nothing had happened. Dieter Bohlen represents completely wrong values ​​and such a person has no place in a role model function.” In conclusion, she emphasized: Dieter Bohlen has never shown any swagger and he will never change, especially if you continue to reward him and give him a platform.”

Jill Lange is DSDS-Casting

Krick, Jens / ActionPress

Dieter Bohlen, musician
Jill Lange, of reality TV fame

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