Knobelbecher: a kind of recognition: the face of the cult housewife from Cologne unexpectedly lands on beer mats

cologne – Anyone who likes to live in the Belgian Quarter at Cologne comes out, cannot avoid the “Knobel Cup”. In a traditional pub – how else – an iconic hostess sits behind the tap, who recently received a special recognition.

Uschi Winter has been working in gastronomy for 46 years and 16 years behind the counter at Knobelbecher. © Ben Hammer

Uschi Zima has been behind the bar in the pub for 16 years. She got a job, she says, through a colleague.

At the time, Petra Zemlić ran the shop on Achener Strasse before retiring after 30 years at the pub. A successor was needed, and the choice stopped at Uscha.

“Knobelbecher” is not her first station. The hostess has been working in gastronomy for 46 years. This effort should be honored, so the woman from Cologne now has her own beer mat and is thus part of the “Gaffel” campaign “Voice for Cologne”.

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Because it is clear for Ushchi: “For me, being an owner is not a job, but a way of life.”

Other well-known people from Cologne, such as Caroline Kebekus (42), Johann Koenig (50), Steffen Baumgart (51), Brings or Eko Fresh (39), are also part of the campaign.

Uschi is proud of its beer stand and its village pub, where young and old alike now congregate. Because in the “Knobelbecher” program, the name says it all: people play, laugh and watch FC together.

Not so long ago, the iconic pub even hit the media outside of Cologne when a portrait of podcaster and producer Thomas Schmidt (43) behind the counter was stolen in February. YouTube twins Benny and Dennis Walter were behind it.

Then the moderator and friend Klaas Heifer-Umlauf (39) got involved in the investigation, who managed to return the painting to its rightful place.

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