“Mittagsmagazin” in crisis: The conclusion hits ARD and ZDF hard

The news program “Mittagsmagazin” is on the verge. ARD is planning further action.

Dortmund – The austerity measures do not stop on German television. Not only the private ones like Sky have to save, but also the public broadcasters are taking measures to keep the money. RBB is now taking a drastic step.

RBB comes out of the “Mittagsmagazine” production.

By the end of 2024, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg wants to save 49 million euros. This should happen in all areas, as RBB director Katrin Vernau announced. According to the statements of the broadcaster, program savings should not lead to fewer programs for the same contribution money, but with a different one. Viewers who use the media library more than linear TV should also be addressed more intensively.

A show is now falling victim to said austerity measures: RBB announced the studio “Mittagsmagazin” at the end of the year, as southern newspaper reported. It had already been said in advance that the broadcaster no longer wanted to handle the show. This will save 2.7 million euros in the future, as will the media magazine DWDL reported (more TV news on RUHR24).

RBB takes a drastic step to save money: It cancels the production of “Mittagsmagazin”.

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The future of “Mittagsmagazin” on ARD and ZDF is uncertain after the end

of Süddeutsche Zeitung RBB explained that the termination “was not a decision by RBB or ARD against ‘Mittagsmagazin’ or cooperation with ZDF”.

RBB took over “Mittagsmagazin” from BR in 2018 and has since produced it in weekly rotation with ZDF. It is still unclear how the show will continue at the end of the year after RBB’s departure. According to the report, talks within RDSH continue.

The end of “Mittagsmagazin” does not mean the end of the cooperation between ZDF and RBB

In a post on the RBB intranet cited by the newspaper, director Vernau congratulated “Mittagsmagazin” and “its dedicated editorial staff that ARD finds a solution and that the good partnership with ZDF continues in a different way.”

The station does not foresee only austerity measures in the program. As the BBR announced, decisions are also being made about the personnel – among other things, the management will be reduced from four to two directorates. By the beginning of 2025, 100 jobs will be cut. Savings should also be made in real estate and office space.

List of rubrics: © Gundula Krause/rbb

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