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Dr. Christian Hart becomes chief physician for general and visceral surgery. He wants to start a bowel center and is also the contact person for inguinal hernias, appendicitis, gall bladder removal and thyroid surgery.

Andreas Berger

04.04.2023 | Status: 17:40

dr Christian Hart takes the position of chief physician for general and internal surgery at the clinic Kaufbeuren. He follows the chief physician Dr. Wolfgang Frehner, who took over the department for general, visceral and thoracic surgery in 2013. He is now retired.

Christian Hart is no stranger to Ottobeuren. He began his career as a surgeon in 2004 at what was then the district clinic in Ottobeuren. In 2007 he moved to the Kempten Clinic, where he qualified as a specialist in visceral surgery with an additional qualification in special visceral surgery in 2011 and founded the colon cancer center there in 2013. According to her statements, it is now one of the largest of more than 250 colon cancer centers in Germany. Visceral surgery, among other things, deals with the abdomen and abdominal walls. Through his expertise, Hart has made a name for himself as an expert in intestinal surgery in the region over the past ten years. Most recently, he made a significant contribution to the introduction of the Da Vinci robotic surgical system, which has been in place since 2019. REMAINED is in operation. Also read: Acute geriatrics will be established at the Ottobeuren Clinic

Christian Hart will place bowel surgery as a focus in Ottobeuren with the aim of setting up a bowel center and certifying it according to the specifications of the German Cancer Society. “We will purchase a Da Vinci surgical robot for this purpose,” says Florian Glück, Managing Director of the Allgäu Clinic Network. “This goes far beyond the standard equipment of a clinic like Ottobeuren and we are very proud to be able to offer this innovative technology to our patients in the future.”

In addition to focusing on intestinal surgery, Hart will continue to offer the full spectrum of general and visceral surgery at the clinic in Ottobeuren. “That of Dr. Frehner and Dr. Reinelt’s hernia center is a gem and we will continue to expand it,” says Christian Hart. From hernias to appendicitis and gallbladder removal to thyroid surgery, Hart remains the primary contact for all patients in Ottobeuren and the surrounding area. “It is a core concern important to me that my patients are cared for individually and personally and that the interests and needs of my patients are the focus of my efforts.”

“Our big thanks go to Dr. Frehner”, says Florian Glück. “We thank you for many years of excellent patient care and great dedication.” Frehner as an excellent surgeon, a man without air, not modest and always careful to put the patient first”, confirms Dr. Maximilian Massalme, Medical Director.

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