Paulaner: Brewery boss Jörg Lehmann is leaving the company

Munich – “Okay, better Palaner.” still on his LinkedIn business page on Wednesday. Jörg Lehmann will probably change that soon. Because as Paulaner Brewery has now announced, the previous head of the brewery, in business terms the CEO and COO of the Paulaner Group, will be leaving the brewery on September 30, 2023.

Pawlaner: brewery boss Jörg Lehmann is leaving

Lehmann would negotiate this with the group’s shareholders, Heineken and Schörghuber, “in the best possible way”.

Jörg Lehmann at the German Brewers' Day 2022.
Jörg Lehmann at German Brewers Day 2022.
© Stefan Zeitz
Jörg Lehmann at the German Brewers’ Day 2022.

Stefan Zeitz


If you continue to read the press release, however, it sounds less harmonious: “The basis for this decision is different opinions about how the desired sustainable profitable growth of the company can be achieved and how the Paulaner Brewery Group should be best positioned. itself in terms of organization and personnel”.

Still, Lehman is “very grateful” for his accomplishments and remains “very connected.”

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Lehman will remain in charge until he leaves, and there is no word yet on a successor. In 2017, the then 47-year-old was elected president of the German Brewers Association. At this time he also came to Pavloner from Kulmbacher.

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