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In Holland, it has been a long time since there was something that has been happening here for a long time: since April 1, our neighbors have been taking a deposit for beverage cans. But Heineken – the second largest brewery in the world – blocks the law!

For the domestic market, the beer group still produces cans without the deposit logo. The newspaper reported The Telegraph on Thursday.

The result: the Dutch authorities have now fined Heineken! According to the report, the fine is 0.15 euros per wrongly printed bank – a maximum of one million euros.

And: If the rules are still not followed, the responsible ILT conservation authority can further increase the fine.

Heineken told the newspaper that the group had taken over the transition period from April 1. “We informed the ILT of our plans in this regard in January and have not received any questions or comments,” a company spokesperson said.

The brewery considers it “unfortunate that it has come to this.” Now the group wants to do everything possible to avoid a fine of one million euros. Whether it will work – very doubtful!

The Environmental Protection Agency told the Telegraaf: “This transition period has never been discussed. Heineken created it himself.” Then the start was postponed for three months.

“I think we’ve made ourselves very clear,” said Environment Minister Vivian Heinen (40). You “fully understand” that the authorities imposed a fine.

Interesting: the Grolsch brewery also produced cans without the deposit logo after the expiration date. But you don’t need to pay the fine. The reason: the company was able to prove that production processes had been changed in the meantime.

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