Power reserve up to 700 kilometers: the first drive on the Volkswagen ID.7 electric “Passat”.

Power reserve up to 700 kilometers
The first ride on the Volkswagen ID.7 electric “Passat”.

Patrick Broich, Alicante

After about two weeks, you’ll know exactly what it looks like and what it can do. But a bit of a spoiler: ntv.de already drove the resident of Wolfsburg – but for now as a camouflaged developer.

In fact, this is not quite the case with the “Wolfsburger” in the case of the Volkswagen ID.7. The electric tourer is, of course, already a Lower Saxon, but it will roll off the assembly line of the plant in Emden, where the Passat is built according to a long tradition.

Developers still have one or two rounds to go before series production begins in the summer.

(Photo: Volkswagen)

Many readers will now think: “Finally a real touring electric car”. You can say so, because with a length of 4.96 meters and a height of 1.54 meters, the novelty, originally presented as a sedan, is a real powerhouse with a lot of space. Given its 2.97 meter wheelbase, you can imagine how airy it is, especially in the second row.

But why the station wagon market in Germany as a sedan? But be patient – if the Passat series can’t do without a station wagon, neither can the ID.7.

ID.7 convinces with its cruising qualities


With an exterior length of nearly five meters for the ID.7, Volkswagen sees itself as an arrival in the electric business class segment.

(Photo: Volkswagen)

It’s hard to believe, but now Volkswagen has allowed the first journalists to take a look behind the wheel of the not even officially presented Stromer, which means that there are already first impressions for the reader. You were allowed to drive the car yourself: after a few kilometers on the winding country roads of the Costa Blanca, you can tell that the chassis provides a good combination of maneuverability and comfort.

You can make the modified variable dampers respond sportier or more assertive with the push of a button on the now giant 15-inch touchscreen. And allow yourself to warm up during dynamic turns or dignified sliding from comfortable seats with an advanced massage function. In addition to ten controllable airbags in the back, the seat is now also equipped with two large blisters. The furniture was also recently awarded the “Aktion Gesunder Rücken eV”.


The new Volkswagen ID.7 is considered a real tourist car not only thanks to the battery, but also comfortable seats with a revised massage function.

(Photo: Volkswagen)

Whether this helps at all over long distances remains to be seen and determined. In any case, the ID.7 will cover long distances, and Volkswagen predicts a range of up to 615 kilometers even with a small battery (77 kWh). For the 86 kWh version, Volkswagen even promises 700 kilometers. It charges up to 200 kW – with previous models of the 135 kW modular electric kit – this is the highest feeling.

The passport still owes exact consumption because the official measurement procedure has not yet been completed, but the on-board computer spits out just over 14 kWh per 100 kilometers after a test run on a dynamic mountain route. It sounds at least after a shocking performance measure.

Augmented reality will be a big topic with ID.7


After all, the size of the screen of the new Volkswagen with an electric drive is 15 inches.

(Photo: Volkswagen)

The combination of appliances, which is not really one, is also effective. Volkswagen has radically reduced this, so there is only a minimalistic display in front of the driver with such important values ​​as the battery level, range and speed.

You can then project more information onto the windscreen with a head-up display – and it’s standard after all. The graphics are displayed on different levels in the style of augmented reality. It shows more clearly than before what exit you need to make at a roundabout or that you accidentally crossed the center line.


A familiar picture in Volkswagen. Some functions can be controlled using the touch surface on the steering wheel.

(Photo: Volkswagen)

Getting to know the new touchscreen: The controls are pretty intuitive, but also quite complex. You’ll have to figure it out a bit. There is an option to place icons on the bar at the top of the screen, which are then displayed continuously. This is followed by appropriately defined functions.

A few features are confusing at first. Heated seats are marked with red dashes. After disconnection, the lines do not disappear, but simply become shorter.


You still can’t see much: the colorful camouflage wrap hides the true design of the new Stromer.

(Photo: Volkswagen)

The motorized louvered air conditioner is very chic. On the display, you can just drag to where the air should come out, and then it goes as far as possible. By the way, a rather colorful interface is combined with the same colorful ambient lighting. Ten colors are part of the standard range, and even 30 shades are available upon request. You are unlikely to respond better to your gaming instinct. It will be interesting to see how this goes over with the conservative clientele.

Be that as it may, in case of doubt, the joy of knowing that the ID.7 is a properly updated touring car that can really go the distance thanks to its adapted battery and charging performance prevails. And this is in a joking form with a full 286 hp. on the rear axle. If that’s not enough: a GTX model with all-wheel drive is also coming in the future.

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