Radsport Preiss: Buy e-bikes now

Are you toying with the idea of ​​buying an e-bike or a new bike in 2023? Then you should definitely take advantage of the current situation.

Bicycle dealers’ warehouses are full, and the selection is correspondingly large. In addition, due to the season, bike shops are relatively quiet, and specialist consultants have more time to respond to individual requests and provide detailed advice.

Fun and joy on two wheels

It is still widely believed that (e-)bikes are now in short supply and that specialist shops are empty. But it’s the other way around: specialist dealers are well-equipped and have received the latest bikes from suppliers, both with and without an engine. So, if you’re thinking about splurging on a new (electric) bike right now, you should definitely take the opportunity to take advantage of the entire range. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new mountain bike for kids or an everyday e-bike that can replace a second car.

Cycling center Radsport Preiss in Landsberg

The prices of bikes and accessories have not increased as much as one might think. Now everyone can find the right (electric) bike from the two-wheeler experts – and at a completely fair price.

Want to rent your new e-bike? No problem! We have the right leasing partner, such as Jobrad, Bikeleasing, Business Bike, Deutsche Dienstrad or Eurorad, with excellent insurance services that guarantee, for example, theft protection from day one and without gaps. Customized financing options are also available upon request.

Quality workshop

Anyone who is already a happy owner of an e-bike should take into account that a reliable two-wheeled motorcycle should be brought for technical inspection once a year. Engine renewal, brake check, chain and gear check – a quality workshop with permanently trained mechanics can meet all customer requests in winter without long waits. Unlike in the spring when everyone suddenly wants to get on a newly tested bike and then has to put up with a longer wait time.

Whether it’s a new e-bike or a bicycle – when it comes to sports and leisure on two wheels, Bike Center is in Landsberg Your largest service partner in the area. (evening)


Cycling Center – Radsport Preiss GmbH

Graf Zeppelin Strasse 18

86899 Landsberg

Phone: 08191/39109


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