Rösler Open-Air 2023 at the Eyrichshof Palace: This is required and this is how you get tickets

  • Authentic, modern blues and one of the the most prominent voices of the scene
  • Austropop and hit heroes create a summer feeling
  • pop sizes put the glove on your hand

Eyrichshof Castle near Ebern has been the site of Rösler Open-Air since 2015. The castle has been privately owned by the von Rotenhan family since the 12th century and has always been the seat of a productive estate with a focus on agriculture and forestry. In addition to weddings, the winter festival and the garden, Rösler is open air definitely one of the main events in the summer. This year the focus is entirely on musical performances. Artists of various genres provide a varied program.

Beth Hart on July 25, 2023: Authenticity and one of the most distinctive voices in modern blues

Sold-out tours, performances in legendary venues such as the Royal Albert Hall in London and collaborations with well-known musicians such as Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy or Joe Bonamassa – Beth Hart always surprises with exciting projects. The musician convinces Authenticity, talent and above all her multi-layered voicewhich has become one of the most important of modern blues rock.

Beth Hart – Concert at Eyrichshof Palace – Information & Tickets

On her latest album, Hart takes a look at no less a group than Led Zeppelin, bringing a personal touch to the songs of the hard, blues and progressive rock pioneers. In addition to cover songs, Beth Hart of course also plays songs from her own portfolio. Blues, rock and soul influences at the highest level welcomes you with Beth Hart at the beginning of the concert series at the Eyrichshof Palace.

  • Location: Schlosshof, Schloss Eyrichshof, 96106 Ebern-Eyrichshof
  • Date: 25.07.2023
  • Time: 20:00

Seiler & Speer am 26. July 2023: Austropop at its best

The concert of Austropop stars Seiler and Speer will be one of the highlights of 2023. Rösler Open Airs at Eyrichshof Castle near Ebern. The two musicians have had each other since their debut album “Ham kummst”, which produced several hits such as the single of the same name or “Soits lebn” in 2015. firmly anchored in the Austrian music scene. Having laid the foundations for their successful career, Seiler and Speer have since appeared on stages in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Seiler and Speer concert at the Eyrichshof Palace – Info & Tickets

Three albums later, the next long player is on the starting blocks, because in November 2022 the two Austrians released their new single “Waun da Wind geht”. In addition to the popular hits, it is very likely that this will also enter the set list of the concert at the Eyrichshof Palace. IN picturesque background and in the charm of the castle courtyard, the concert can become a very special moment for the band’s fans.

  • Location: Schlosshof, Schloss Eyrichshof, 96106 Ebern-Eyrichshof
  • Date: 26.07.2023
  • Time: 20:00

Alvaro Soler on July 27, 2023: Pop music with Spanish influences

Alvaro Soler’s career has been on the rise since 2015 and continues to develop at record speed. The singer takes over lifestyle, which he embodies through his music. values ​​like Love, friendship and togetherness are reflected in his songs.

Alvaro Soler – Concert at Eyrichshof Palace – Info & Tickets

From love songs with a touch of melancholy to soulful songs to soulful pop with dance and flamenco influences, Alvaro Soler serves the full spectrum of pop music. Nearly 6 million monthly listeners on Spotify speak volumes and confirm the success of Alvaro Soler’s extraordinary career.

  • Location: Schlosshof, Schloss Eyrichshof, 96106 Ebern-Eyrichshof
  • Date: 27.07.2023
  • Time: 20:00

Revolverheld on July 28, 2023: 20 years of German pop history

Over a million albums sold, several gold, platinum and double platinum awards and numerous sold-out arena tours speak for themselves. Not for nothing is Revolverheld considered one of the the most popular and successful German bands. It is all the more pleasing that the Hamburg band has been confirmed as part of Rösler Open Air as part of their live tour in 2023 and will perform in the castle courtyard at Ebern-Eyrichshof.

Revolverheld Concert at Eyrichshof Palace – Information & Tickets

of current album “Retelling” is not yet two years old and is Revolverheld’s sixth musical work. The group can now look back on almost 20 years of musical career and have built up an extensive musical fund, which allows them to draw from everyone for the upcoming summer tour.

  • Location: Schlosshof, Schloss Eyrichshof, 96106 Ebern-Eyrichshof
  • Date: 28.07.2023
  • Time: 20:00

Philipp Poisel on July 29, 2023: Master of melancholy

It’s exciting when Philipp Poisel takes the stage, that’s for sure. The music moves between energetic pop anthems and poetic balladswhich really unfold their effect only against the impressive backdrop of the castle courtyard at Ebern-Eyrichshof.

Philipp Poisel – Space at the Eyrichshof Palace – Information & Tickets

Since his first big hit “How’s a Man Gotta Bear It” in 2010, the singer-songwriter has had one. musical development cover, which culminated at the end of last year with the reinterpretation of his classic “Explain Love to Me”. Together with rapper Juju and Chapo 102 he experimented with new sounds. However, he will not lose sight of his musical roots and will perform again on July 29, 2023 at the Eyrichshof Palace.

  • Location: Schlosshof, Schloss Eyrichshof, 96106 Ebern-Eyrichshof
  • Date: 29.07.2023
  • Time: 20:00

The Amigos & Daniela Alfinito on July 30, 2023: hit heroes for generations

You are definitely one of them the most successful hit stars in Germany and Austria: The Amigos could attempt multiple #1 positions on the album charts. The two brothers will also be on tour in 2023 and will be invited to the Eyrichshof Palace on July 30, 2023.

The Amigos & Daniela Alfinito – For Our Friends Open Air 2023 – Concert at Eyrichshof Palace – Information & Tickets

In fact, the For Our Friends tour in 2022 was supposed to be the musicians’ last major tour. However, the two hit stars still seem to enjoy performing live and don’t want to deny their fans further appearances. Together with Singer Daniela Alfanito Amigos aim to perform their biggest hits and make the audience’s hearts beat faster with a good mood. You can read additional information about the concert and other shows in Franconia here.

  • Location: Schlosshof, Schloss Eyrichshof, 96106 Ebern-Eyrichshof
  • Date: 30.07.2023
  • Time: 4:00 pm

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