SG Denkershausen/L. resigns for Einbeck Derby

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The last home match against SCW Göttingen was lost for the house of thinkers with 0:4. Now SG will go to SG Bergdörfer and Einbeck during Easter. © Kaja Schirmacher

A double-header awaits clubs in the district football league over Easter: there are six return games on Saturday, followed by a full matchday on Easter Monday. Four of the five local clubs (Dassel/S., Denkershausen/L., Northeim II and Sülbeck/I.) are in action on both days, only SVG Einbeck has Saturday off and can look forward to the derby against Denkershausen am Prepare on Monday. .

FC Sülbeck/I.

(Saturday, 16:00, at FC Eisdorf; Monday, 15:00, at FC RW Rhüden).

The sixth in the table must travel twice: on Saturday to FC Eisdorf, the 15th in the table (first leg: 1-0 to Sülbeck), who – at the moment – are in the first relegation zone, and Monday at FC Rhüden. in the end (4-0 for Sülbeck). Coach Markus Schnepel expects full performance from his team: “Our matches in the second half did not go as we had imagined. We want to get back on track with the doubleheader over Easter.” Sülbeckers will be without the yellow card suspensions of Lars Breitenstein and Paul Stremel on Saturday.

SG Dassel/S.

(Saturday, 14:00, at SG Lenglern; Monday, 15:00, at Dassel v Bovenden).

With 22 points from 19 games, Sollingers are in twelfth place ahead of Einbecker, Denkershäuser and Eisdorfer who have the same number of points. An opposite schedule awaits them: First, SG travel to relegation-threatened SG Lenglern (first leg: 2:1 for Lenglern), then they host leader Bovenden (first leg: 4:1 for Bovenden) . Coach Kevin Mundt still doesn’t know “how we could lose our home game against Lenglern, in which we showed a good performance.” However, the path to the key game is clear: “Lenglern is a six-point game. We have to win it.”

SVG Einbeck

(Monday, 3 p.m., against Denkershausen/L.).

After Saturday without a game, Einbecker faces the derby against Denkershausen. In the first leg, the opponents were separated after a dramatic final stage, in which they fell 2:2 practically at the final whistle, in line with their performance. It is annoying for SVG, who are loaded with seven matches, that they can only look at Saturday, especially since two potential opponents – RSV Göttingen and FC Grone – are also without a game.

SG Denkershausen/L.

(Saturday, 4 p.m., in Fuhrbach vs. Bergdörfer; Monday, 3 p.m., in Einbeck).

Like the Sülbeckers, thinkers’ houses must travel twice. First at third-placed SG Bergdörfer (first leg: 2-1 to Denkershausen) and then at Einbeck. Coach Robin Bilbeber has no illusions about the tasks. “Six points would certainly be optimal, but we would be satisfied with four”, where a victory in Einbeck has priority for Bilbeber. The coach is concerned about gaining a distance in the relegation zone.

Eintracht Northheim II

(Saturday, 14:00, at SG Werratal; Monday, 15:00, at SCW Göttingen).

Northeim’s team also has to play away twice over Easter: Saturday in Hedemünden against seventh-placed SG Werratal (first leg: 1-0 for SG) and Monday at SCW Göttingen (first leg: 3 -2 for SCW). With eleven games remaining, the same number of points separate FC reserves from the savings bank. In view of the two hosts, it seems rather doubtful that this distance can be shortened over Easter, even if Northeim have not yet given up their fight to stay in the league. (Edzard Corte)

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