The American supermarket 7-Eleven is coming to Germany

The new retailer can soon attract customers to its branches.Photo: / imago images

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Consumers in Germany can adapt to a new retailer in the food market. And Lidl, Aldi, Rewe and Co. — a potential new competitor. The big American chain wants to position itself more internationally – and has also looked at the German market. Now, the company is likely planning to come to the country with its walkable stores.

Now 7-Eleven must also come to Germany

how”Food newspaper (LZ)“He is reportedly already looking for experienced franchisees. With suitable candidates, new branches will be established in some parts of Western Europe.

We’re talking about 7-Eleven.

Not only in the USA, but now also in some European countries sees 7-Eleven International Ltd. seems to have great potential. In particular, this concerns Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey and Great Britain. Austria and Switzerland are also potential markets.

7-Eleven, a chain of stores on the streets of Guangzhou.  PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxCHN 787917179354742845

7-Eleven is said to be flirting with branches in Germany. Photo: / imago images / Imaginechina

Looking for franchisees in Germany, the company wants to specialize in them which already have an existing retail concept. Therefore, the existing concept of gastronomy and hotel business is also interesting for the company.

The company sees great potential for 7-Eleven in Germany

The company is positive about the expansion of 7-Eleven. “Potential in Germany is high”, he shared. German sales in this segment in 2023 will amount to about 10.53 billion euros. For 2027, the company already predicts a market volume of 11.90 billion euros.

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7-Eleven is a subsidiary of Japan’s Seven & I Holding. According to the company, there are more than 83,000 branches in the world. In the USA, the network is already widespread and well-known. Outside of the US market, 7-Eleven branches have been quite rare until now. The company already has stores in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It is not yet clear how many branches and locations there will be in Germany.

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