The Tesla Model S is cheaper than ever

Tesla does a lot of advertising. Iconic image © istockphoto/PaulMcKinnon

Tesla has long been considered a luxury brand among electronic cars: now the automaker is drastically reducing prices.

Tesla has long been considered the ultimate electric car, and prices for the various models from the electric car maker have been correspondingly high. For many, a car of this brand was out of the question.

After Tesla prices continued to rise in the past, the situation seems to be changing. Electric car prices now seem to be leveling off at a relatively low level.

Tesla is currently cheaper than the competition

Currently, the Tesla Model 3 is sometimes even cheaper than competing models. The BMW i4, for example, currently costs about €12,500 more than the Tesla Model 3. This puts the Tesla model in a similar price range to the Hyundai Ioniq 6.

Another tip for saving on Tesla models is to use vehicles that have already been tuned. You can find them on Tesla’s official website under “Available Stock”.

In particular, the Model 3 is offered at a lower price

According to experts, if you choose one of the available models, you can save another 3,000 euros. You just have to be flexible with the equipment.

The available stock currently offers in particular the Model 3 as well as the Model Y. Another advantage of this offer is the short delivery time: the cars offered there are often already manufactured and can therefore be delivered much faster than cars with its own configuration.

That’s why Tesla is pushing its own prices

It’s also known why Tesla is cutting prices so dramatically right now: the carmaker is currently producing more than it needs at its factories. Therefore, more carts are available and can be delivered directly.

Of course, Tesla doesn’t want to keep the cars for too long. Due to high production rates, price reduction is also economically possible for the car manufacturer. This makes the manufacturer of electric cars even more attractive in the market.

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