This is the best car in the world

German brands have no chance at the World Car Awards. The opponent, on the other hand, gets a number of victories.

Hyundai makes the best car in the world: At the “World Car Awards” in New York, the car manufacturer from South Korea won in four categories – including the most important one.

South Korea’s five-time victory

Car of the year – Hyundai Ioniq 6 (from 43,900 euros). The expert jury also rated the electric car “World Electric Car” and awarded its design (“World Car Design of the Year”).

And even more titles go to South Korea: the “World Performance Car Award” is won by the EV6 GT – a technically close electric model from the Hyundai Kia subsidiary; Hyundai’s head of design Sun Yup Lee was named “Man of the Year”.

Even a startup wins

Lucid Air: the electric car has a power of up to 1217 hp.

The luxury car of the year is built by the Lucid brand. The American manufacturer, based in Newark (California), was founded only in 2007 and has been specializing in electric vehicles ever since. Its only Air model so far has a maximum of 1,217 horsepower and costs up to €300,000 equivalent. Lucid’s planned launch in Europe has been delayed for now because the company is going through tough times, including supply chain issues. The Citroen C3 (from €23,000) won the “World Urban Car Award” for the best city car.

By the way: last year’s best car also comes from South Korea – the Hyundai Ioniq 5.

The Ioniq 6 beat the Kia Niro and BMW X1, as well as the electric version of the iX1, in the luxury segment the BMW i7 had no chance. The awards were presented at the New York Auto Show. From April 7 to 16, tuning, trends, sports cars and SUVs will be displayed here – similar to the German IAA, the American car show has recently significantly changed the concept.

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