Version 4.4.0 brings a new control mode

We have already featured the Best Route Planner app. It is used for planning and navigating electric vehicle trips. The program plans charging stops along the planned route based on vehicle data and, in the case of a premium subscription, also based on real-world traffic and weather data. If you’re only interested in e-mobility, you can even simulate a trip or two with charging stops without in-car navigation software.

Version 4.4.0 is now released with some new features. There is a new driving mode that makes it easier to access details of charging stations or waypoints. There is also improved display of vehicle data when supported. This means: when you use A Better Routeplanner, ABRP for short, via CarPlay or Android Auto, you can display additional data on your smartphone display.

Basically, the software can be tried for free, if you want to use all the features, you have to pay. You can in the application Premium features activate who would like to receive 5 euros per month or 50 euros per year.

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