Why nails harden and what else can you call them

The most beautiful reason why this happens is sexual arousal. Depending on the type, women are more or less excitable and sensitive in this regard, but we are definitely moving into the erogenous zone here. Sometimes the (rare) phenomenon of “nipple orgasm” around, along with proper needle punching instructions.

Oh well, but no one should be disappointed if it doesn’t work. After all, with the help of a magnetic resonance tomography, it was discovered that when the nipples are stimulated, those areas in the brain jump up that also occur when the clitoris or clitoris is pressed and hit. vulvalippen “lights up”. Meanwhile, researchers have also discovered special nerve cells that ensure nipples are raised – and yes, that too: Men have nipples too, but you’d never get the idea that they’re stupid just because of them. nipples it hardens noticeably.

Correct choice of words

This plays Noradrenaline stress hormone a roller – causes the “hair follicle muscles” to contract, just like when you get bumps. People cannot influence either of these, this reaction cannot be imagined or meditated upon with the help of an anti-hardening nipple mantra.

When I think about it, another, I think, essential thought comes to mind: language. “Perhaps there is no subject in the world that is so full of strange terms as sexuality,” he writes Klaus Heer in his book “WonneWorte“. Also the writer BenoĆ®te Groult thought about it: “Language is not very useful when you want to express the rapture of love.”

Some things actually seem awkward and silly, like warts on the chest. Wart is just a terrible word, nothing on the chest deserves such a disfigurement. “BUD, skyberry OR eyes of loveFor example, they sound much more musical,” writes Heer, referring to his collection of 47 synonyms for female nipple. Not all of them appeal to me, like “bell button” or “cute spot.”

The first one makes me think of the postman who rings me twice because he has to put a reminder in my hand. The only thing I can think of for the second one is tripe speck soup, which I don’t like at all. I also say no to “Nulp” and “Nupsis”, it sounds too much like an oral phase reaction. I think the “enthusiasm buttons” and “pussies” are original. Beautiful: “Lace of Love”, “Sugar Cones” and “Butterfly Blossoms”.

Happy summer.

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